Just Like ⅔ of the Book!

This is the film I remember!


The Three Worlds of Gulliver brings to life the first two sections of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels in a version which, while sanitised for youngsters, retains some of the satire and intelligence of the original. It also boasts excellent-for-the-time special effects by Ray Harryhausen, though the effects wizard keeps his trademark stop-motion animation to a minimum, featuring it only when Gulliver (Kerwin Mathews from 1958’sThe Seventh Voyage of Sinbad), has problems with an outsized crocodile and a foraging squirrel. Instead, Harryhausen concentrates on portraying the miniature Lilliputians and the giant Brobdingnagians, and the results still impress over 40 years on.This is a colourful, witty, charming film, though it is also heavily Americanised, the dialogue anachronistic and some of the accents decidedly trans-Atlantic. Mathews is a little stiff in the role of a British doctor, but English actress June Thorburn makes a spirited and beautiful Elizabeth, Gulliver’s fiancée who in this version comes along for the journey. While the 1996 TV mini-series Gulliver’s Travels comes much closer to Swift’s intentions Harryhausen’s version will delight younger viewers and has the advantage of a beguiling score from the great Bernard Herrmann. Some viewers may be startled to learn that in the 17th century there were Spanish mountains just outside London, and that Wapping was just a minute’s walk from the beach. (Amazon.co.uk)

DVD has gone straight on my WishList!


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