New Whistle and Flute

Finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Or not… I didn’t even realise “we” were getting a new kit but of course it stands to reason: a. Another chance for McCartney’s girl to get her name out there and b. more income from Team GB T-shirts, sports gear etc.

20120323-002229.jpg 20120323-002401.jpg 20120323-004545.jpg

Phillips Idowu -and Jennifer Innis (male and female rack and field kits), Jack Rodwell (football kit)

I note that the Guardian missed out the Paralympic version, only publishing it as part of a group shot, but ~shrugs~ it’s only 2012…

Complaints have been voice that “It looks too Scottish” because of the amount of blue. The green in the flags of Wales and N. Ireland has never been represented in the GB strip but you never hear them complaining. Some green would be a nice touch I think. as for this design, I think ol’ Stell could have used some more red and white but Maybe those are last season’s colours.

Still, this is what we’ll all be cheering on come August, July? August. it’ll be the one way behind the green and yellow on the track, and the one in the top three in the Veldodrome, the rowing and any other sport where we sit down or shoot things. Go Team GB!


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