Fluffy Jammies

‘Onesies, of course, are all the rage, with everyone from Brad Pitt, Cara Delevingne, and the One Direction boys rockin’ the adult rompers. The Daily Mail goes as far as proclaiming it’s “one of the biggest fashion phenomenons of the decade.” Says the paper: “While many believe that contemporary Norwegian designers Henrik Norstrud and Knut Gresvig put onesies on the map with their OnePiece brand, these images prove that versions of the item of clothing have been on the minds of designers for decades. Labelled ‘bodysuits’, they combine a range of rather snazzy shirts with a pair of underwear to create a bizarre garment, showcased by models posing in some questionable stances.”’

Questionable is the word!




Sir, please! My question is: why?! Ditto the craze for wearing pyjamas to the store. If you wear a nightdress people call you crazy, but PJs and onesies are cool?!

The world’s going cuckoo.



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