Lego® and Star Wars and BIG! Oh My!

A Star Wars X-wing Starfighter made from 5.3 million bricks (!!) has been put on display in Times Square in New York. Lego® unveiled the life-sized (!!) spaceship to promote a new Lego® cartoon series called The Yoda Chronicles.

A You…Tube… vid-e-o, you say?

At its tallest the model stands 11 feet high, and has a 44-feet wingspan. The Yoda Chronicles will debut on May 29 on the Cartoon Network yes, yes whatever carry on. Let’s look at the Starfighter some more!

20130526-070840.jpg 20130526-070919.jpg

20130526-070819.jpg 20130526-071024.jpg

© Flickr, Business Week, LA Times


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