Why is this Manchester City fan crying at Swansea? (with Vincent Price laugh-over!)

NB, MCFC fans – Sunday, March 11th, 2012

The image of the day in the Premier League was undoubtedly a soon-to-be famous Manchester City fan caught by the TV cameras having a good cry when he saw his team concede what turned out to be the only goal of the game at Swansea.

Far be it from us to criticise the modern football fan, but what the hell was this Manchester City fan crying about?

In the context of the match, City still had time to recover at least a point and would have equalised but for an excellent call by lineswoman Sian Massey with seconds remaining.

Surely the time to shed some tears was at full time in Wales?

Roberto Mancini’s side have put together their first credible title challenge in the Premier League era – City last won the title in 1968 – and defeat at Swansea, whilst being a major blow, leaves them just a point behind with 10 games to go.

Let’s not forget that Manchester City still have to host their great local rivals at the end of April and have assembled the most expensive squad in the history of English football.

Since the crying Manchester City fan can’t have been this upset over a loss at Swansea, we welcome your witty and clever comments in the comments below since there must be something deeper than just simple defeat…